Our Services

GD Evans Company has built a corporate service portfolio on quality, ethics, continuous improvement, and a roster of satisfied customers. We have the experience and team to support the following service offerings and provide customized solutions to all of our clients in each category.

Affordable Housing

At the heart of GD Evans Company is our support for affordable housing options for all communities. With this passion, GD Evans Company works in close collaboration with Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) to strategize, plan, and implement housing and neighborhood options that fit a particular area, from the types and styles of homes to the available community amenities and services.

We support the growth and development of communities and subdivisions that are in the identification stage, to those communities who wish to revitalize their neighborhood through a series of transforming renovations. Our real estate development and construction team are ready to take your community plan from concept to a thriving neighborhood poised for growth and longevity.

Light Commercial

retail spaceWe believe the retail space for your business should reflect your corporate and creative vision, as well as serve as a functional space for your staff and customers. Our team of “white box” professionals will take your leased space and work with you to incorporate the tenant improvements and build-outs needed for your company to both succeed and grow.

We will gladly work with your architect and designer, or we will provide full-scale design to construction services based on your business space objectives. Our light commercial services are ideal for many types of businesses, including:

  • Restaurants, cafes, coffee and/or ice cream shops.
  • Service-oriented businesses like financial institutions, design firms, dry cleaners, salons, and spas.
  • Businesses with special interior needs, such as soundproofing for recording studios.

Facility Maintenance

facilities maintenanceFocus on your core business and leave the facility management to GD Evans Company. We offer fully integrated commercial building maintenance services such as janitorial services, operations and maintenance, landscaping, lighting and office services to customers every day, with the aim to reduce facility management costs, increase quality, and save you time. Customers count on us for other cost-effective facilities operations services like:

  • HVAC/Mechanical Maintenance
  • Contract Commercial & Retail Housekeeping Services
  • Window Cleaning Services
  • Interior & Exterior Painting Services
  • Plant/Manufacturing O&M

We deliver our facility maintenance services efficiently, professionally, and environmentally-friendly with the Clean with Green program, through the use of environmentally responsible products, equipment, and procedures. We maintain one of the best safety records in the industry, and our programs are approved by OSHA, the National Safety Council, NFPA, and the American Red Cross.

Project & Program Management

project managementConstruction projects come in all shapes and sizes. But even the smallest projects can become a major undertaking if you are acting as your own general contractor. Have you picked the perfect plan and site for your project, secured your financing, but just not sure where to start to get construction off the ground? This is where GD Evans Company project management services come in.

Our trained and experienced project management staff can navigate your project through every phase of the construction process. We are available to serve homeowners who are building one house, to larger clients who need program management services for their multi-faceted residential or commercial project.

With our project management services, you have a personal team of professionals to:

  • Secure, organize, and schedule the subcontractors, with an emphasis on quality work and safety.
  • Monitor the construction progress with the knowledge of required milestones and project task dependencies.
  • Free your time and resources. Your construction project should not consume your quality of life, nor take several years to successfully complete.